A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

THIS GAME IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. I've stopped working on it in years past, and unfortunately lost the original source code just last year. I'm keeping this page published for posterity. If I ever find a playable build, I'll post it here.

Orbus is a team-based, multiplayer strategy game. Collect orbs and defend your home base to reach the score limit before the other team!


  • Up to 16 players and 4 teams!
  • 6 different weapon types that open up many different playable strategies!
  • Computer-controlled AI that can be added to any game, online or off!
  • Direct-connect to a server IP or scan for games on your network!


  • Players begin in opposite corners of the map, near their home base.
  • Collecting white orbs and bringing them back to home base increases your team's scoring rate. The more orbs you have, the faster you gain points.
  • Collecting dark "energy" orbs increases your energy levels. When energy is low, your speed is reduced. When energy is depleted, you warp back to home base.
  • Collecting power-ups around the map will give you a competitive advantage.
  • Left mouse button will fire an energy-draining projectile. Right mouse will shoot an energy orb, which can be absorbed by teammates.
  • Attack home bases by draining their energy: when their health is low, they generate points at a greatly reduced rate. But watch out, because other teams are sure to do the same to you!


I am no longer actively developing this game and offer it as is.

Support the Development

I'm programming this game on the side in my spare time. If you like the game, let me know in the forums below! Or, if you want, pay what you think the game is worth.

Either way, any feedback I get will mean a tremendous amount!

Install instructions

To install, simply download the game file and place it anywhere you'd like.

This game is written in Java, so you'll need at least Java 6 to play.

If it does not open for you, or it crashes, let me know and I'll try to help you out.


Orbus (beta-1.1).exe 3 MB
Orbus (beta-1.1-snapshot-linux).jar 4 MB