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DISCLAIMER: This game is really old, and doesn't really work all that well. But I put a lot of time into it back when I was just starting, so I am keeping it up for nostalgia's sake.

Build your farm from the ground up, protect your sheep from wolves and other threats, and sell goods and resources on the market to fund your growing operation. Dabble in the delicate art of genetics to create the ultimate sheep that produces optimal amounts of wool and mutton, or just turn them all into cows if that's more your thing.


  • Day/night cycles and seasons! Survive wolf attacks at night, and keep your sheep warm in the winter.
  • Manufacture, harvest and sell resources to meet the demands of all of your customers!
  • Genetics! Breed sheep and experiment with genes to create sheep to fit your needs!*
  • Fully automate your farm with machines and conveyor belts! Transport sheep and other resources to machines for processing.*
  • 3 world sizes! Choose between small (6x6), normal (12x12) and large (24x24) world sizes.

* Feature not complete yet

Install instructions

You'll need at least Java 6 to run this. You'll also need to manually create an empty folder called "sheepfarmsimulator" in your user home (/home/yourname for Linux users, and C:/Users/yourname for Windows).

Due to the age and quality of this game I won't be providing support for it. Use at your own discretion.


Sheep Farm Simulator 0.23.4.jar 4 MB

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