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As a student of magic, you have the unique ability to create spells of your own design, using techniques taught to you by the Headmaster Wizard, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the Arcane University. Eventually he begins to take a keen interest in your talents, and one day decides to teach you a special spell to help him run a very special errand.

Welcome to Spellbound

In Spellbound, you learn and discover magic techniques, which can be combined to create custom spells using a dynamic particle and magic system. Each technique affects a specific property or behavior of the spell. For example, a basic fireball spell might be created by combining the Propulsion, Collision and Ignition techniques. That is, the spell propels itself towards a target, then collides with and ignites it in a burst of flame. Chain two or more spells together to create powerful combinations, or merge them to cast two simultaneously.

Explore a large, open world with dungeons, caves and monsters. Collect magic crystals to fuel your spellcrafting, or sell them to a shopkeeper for gold coins.

  • Create custom spells using a dynamic and modular magic system
  • Defeat monsters and bandits in a randomly generated world with dungeons, caves and more
  • A main quest that focuses on saving the village from impending doom
  • Randomly generated quests from villagers and other NPCs
  • Unique puzzles and secrets scattered around the world

I'm slowly building this game in my spare time. I don't have a demo quite yet, but it's coming soon. If you're interested in this game, please let me know in the comments! Feedback is very important to me, and helps keep me motivated.

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